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University Teaching

I currently teach/co-teach on the following courses at UCL Anthropology: Methods and Techniques in Biological Anthropology (BSc), Biosocial Approaches to Childrearing (BSc), Being Human (BSc), Applied Evolutionary Anthropology (MSc), Biosocial Medical Anthropology (MSc)

In addition, I have taught the following courses:  Introduction to Biological Anthropology (BSc), Human Behavioural Ecology (BSc & MSc), Human Behavioural Ecology of Hunter-Gatherers (BSc), Behavioural Ecology and Socio-biology (BSc), Evolution and Human Behaviour (BSc)

A selection of the courses I have taught/currently teach are available below.

Would you like to study what I study? Students on the following courses at UCL are, in general, able to take my courses (restrictions apply): BSc Human Sciences, BSc Anthropology, MSc Human Evolution and Behaviour, MSc Biosocial Medical Anthropology and MSc Medical Anthropology.

For more information on these degrees, visit the UCL Anthropology website.


BSc Intermediate Course, University College London

Getting biosocial

Childhood & Child Development

Parenting & Alloparenting

Cross-cultural comparisons

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BSc Intro Course, University College London

Scientific literacy

Hypothesis testing

Introduction to quantitative methods and statistics

Introduction to scientific report writing

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Applied Evolutionary Anthropology

MSc Advanced Course, University College London

Evolutionary approaches to public health
"Harmful" behaviours and norms
Intervention design & evaluation
Cross-cultural comparisons

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