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University Teaching

I currently teach/co-teach on the following courses at UCL Anthropology: Introduction to Biological Anthropology (BSc), Methods and Techniques in Biological Anthropology (BSc), Being Human (BSc), Advanced Human Evolution: Applied Evolutionary Anthropology (MSc), Biosocial Medical Anthropology (MSc)

In addition, I have taught the following courses: Human Behavioural Ecology (BSc & MSc), Human Behavioural Ecology of Hunter-Gatherers (BSc), Behavioural Ecology and Socio-biology (BSc), Evolution and Human Behaviour (BSc)

A selection of the courses I have taught/currently teach are available below.


Human Behavioural Ecology of Hunter-Gatherers

BSc Advanced Course, University of Kent

Cooperation and territoriality
Group size & demography
Sexual division of labour
Marriage systems

Methods and Techniques in Biological Anthropology

BSc Intro Course, University College London

Scientific literacy
Hypothesis testing
Introduction to quantitative methods and statistics
Introduction to scientific report writing

Evolution and Human Behaviour

BSc Advanced Course, University College London

Evolutionary Psychology
Human Behavioural Ecology
Cultural Evolution
Cooperation and Morality
Marriage Systems
Demographic Transition

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